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Getting ready to pack up your belongings to put them into self storage? Let Mini-Maxi Storage in Tampa, FL, make the storage process easier with resources like our storage unit size guide. We will help make sure you do not rent a small storage unit if you need one bigger. Learn more about the industry’s standard sizes!

Our Storage Unit Size Guide

storage unit size guide


Small Storage Units

Commonly Used For: students’ dorm/apartment furniture, creating extra space in your house, seasonal clothing, holiday decorations

  • Small storage units are about the size of a closet. But that does not mean they cannot hold a decent amount of items. They can generally fit a large furniture item, like a dresser or desk, as well as some additional bins or boxes.  Make sure to double check the measurements of your items before attempting to fit them into a small storage unit. Certain objects, like large mattresses, for example, are not going to fit into this size category.

Medium Storage Units

Commonly Used For: moving from apartment/condo contents, business inventory/equipment, shed/garage/basement items, small vehicles or outdoor equipment

  • Medium storage units can hold two or three rooms’ worth of content, which is the perfect amount of space if you are moving from an apartment or condo. If you need extra working space in your home storage areas, these storage units can also hold outdoor equipment and vehicles like kayaks and motorcycles. They are versatile to take on residential and commercial storage loads alike.

Large Storage Units

Commonly Used For: moving from multi-room house, vehicles, extended trip or deployment

  • Large storage units can fit four to six rooms’ contents, including all your largest furniture like bookcases, bed frames, and wardrobes. Your vehicles, small boats, jet skis, and trailers can also fit in a large storage unit if you do not have space around your house to keep them. Whether you need to store short-term or long-term, we have the space for you. By renting a large storage unit, you can ensure you always have the space, even as your storage needs grow over time.

Our Storage Calculator

Our calculator can help you determine what size unit would be best for your needs. Using the form below, tell us what you need to store and our calculator will provide an estimate in cubic feet as well as the storage size you’ll need. We’ll calculate the size and recommend a unit based on the space needed.

Source: Self Storage Association